What is an OVP - Office of In-person Verification?

ANF AC, as a Qualified Trust Services Provider which facilitates access to electronic signature technology to inexperienced users, has created a national network of offices that allow the users to process their electronic certificates without unnecessary displacements in an easy and convenient way.

The Office of In-person Verification is a physical point to which users, both companies and individuals, come to identify themselves and formalize their certificates. Therefore, the role of a Face-to-Face Verification Office is the identification of the applicants and processing of electronic certificates.

The appointment of an office as an In-person Verification Office is 100% complementary to other types of professional activities, so the service is easily integrated with the main activity of the entity. It is advisable to include this new activity among the professional ones in order to conceive it not just as an attraction to new customers, but also to add value and improve the service to existing customers.

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OVP process What is the work carried out by a Face-to-Face Verification Office? An OVP will complete the process, following this steps:

1. The user will be attended in person, and will proceed to its correct and complete identification, through DNI / NIE / Passport making sure that the applicant is the person who says to be.

2. In the case of Legal Representative certificates, it must be verified that the documentation provided by the applicant corresponds to the documentation required for the processing of the certificate. This documentation must be enough, current and original.

3. Once the documentation has been checked; digitalization of the original documents provided by the applicant, and completion of the form takes place.

4. Signature, by the Operator OVP and the applicant, of the contract for the provision of certification services.

5. Give the subscriber the signature creation device appropriate to the type of certificate requested.

Processing and issuance fees


Classification Level
Bonus percentage on
PVP processing / issuance
- From 5 units to 10 units 5%
Basic More than 10 units up to 100 units 10%
Bronze More than 100 units up to 500 units 15%
Silver More than 500 units up to 1000 units 20%
Gold More than 1000 units up to 5000 units 25%
Platinum More than 5000 units 30%

*The face-to-face verification (OVP) offices and the registration authorities (AR) are registered with a professional classification level. This level determines the percentage they will receive on services actually provided and charged. The annual consumption will be calculated, thus determining the level of classification of the following year. If an end user acquires more than 5 units, the discount established by scaling is applied, deducting this discount from the professional percentage of the OVP / AR.

When the OVP / AR is part of a collective or group, the classification level will be applied by the total sum achieved by the collective as a whole.

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